Case Experience

Dr. Brod has…

• Projected lost earnings in numerous cases involving untimely deaths (hired by plaintiffs and defendants in different cases).

• Calculated lost profits in a case involving the licensing of medical technology (hired by plaintiff).

• Determined liability under the essential-facilities doctrine for an antitrust case involving an ambulance service and a regional hospital system (hired by plaintiff).

• Calculated lost earnings in numerous cases involving disabilities suffered by railroad workers (hired by defendant).

• Assessed local economic-development policies in a case involving the use of fiscal incentives to attract retail business (hired by plaintiff).

• Calculated lost profits in a case involving an alleged breach of contract regarding wood and wood-product pricing (hired by plaintiff).

• Conducted economic analyses for governmental administrative reviews of proposed sitings of industrial and mining facilities (hired by applicants).

• Projected lost earnings resulting from alleged wrongful termination (hired by plaintiff). 

• Calculated lost profits in cases involving alleged unfair trading practices in the tobacco and solid-surface countertop industries (hired by plaintiffs).

• Projected regional land-use patterns for a governmental administrative review of an airport expansion.

• Projected financial-asset appreciation in a case involving the dissolution of a medical practice (hired by defendant).

• Calculated the economic benefit of noncompliance by a city sued over water-quality standards (hired by defendant).